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Haematology/ Blood Bank

The Department of Hematology serves as a center for diagnosis and multidisciplinary treatment for many hematologic diseases such as malignant blood diseases like leukemia, lymphoma and common myeloma; clotting diseases and hereditary blood diseases; Hodgkin's Disease and Thrombocytopenia.

Chemical Pathology

The most common specimens used in clinical chemistry are blood and urine. Many different tests exist to detect and measure almost any type of chemical component in blood or urine. Components may include blood glucose, electrolytes, enzymes, hormones, lipids (fats), other metabolic substances, and proteins.

Medical Microbiology

Medical microbiology includes studies of bacteria, viruses, and parasites, all of which can be seen as the cause, and often part of the cure, for various diseases. ... One specific job in this field that's available with an undergraduate degree is medical and clinical laboratory technologist.


Histopathology (or histology) involves the examination of sampled whole tissues under the microscope. ... Pieces of tissue rather than whole organs are removed as biopsies, which often require smaller surgical procedures that can be performed whilst the patient is still awake but sedated.


We specialize in diagnosing and treating injuries and diseases using medical imaging (radiology) procedures (exams/tests) such as X-rays, computed tomography (CT), magnetic resonance imaging (MRI), nuclear medicine, positron emission tomography (PET) and ultrasound.

Weight Loss / Wellness Services

Medical weight loss usually refers to the proactive management of diet, fitness, and healthy behaviors conducted by a physician or team of physicians. ... These programs often include comprehensive metabolic testing and medical diagnostics to monitor physiological shifts during the course of a program.

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